Blank space

,,But I’ve got a blank space baby, and I’ll write there your name ” (,,Blank space” by Taylor Swift )
Everytime when you’re broken heart, don’t lose your hope, but imagine that the person who broke your heart deep inside thinks words simillar to those above. That you are still in his heart. Never forget it!


Close your eyes

Close your eyes for a moment
Don’t think bout do you feel any fear or not
Fly with me to nowhere
Only one time
The best is still what’s unknown
Close your eyes for a moment
Fly with me to nowhere only one time
This is your day
Now you
Gravitation is to beat when you’ll stop being afraid
World is yours
Now you
This is your day
This is a great day
Be brave
You can be the boss of all bosses today
World belongs to u
Catch the chance